Maintenance & Support

We believe that the only way to minimize issues and maximize efficiency is through regular support. After the development stage, we begin the maintenance process to make sure that your product operates at a high level. At Strimduo, we set up scheduled updates that keep your entire infrastructure running smoothly.

The success of your custom software and applications is vital for us. Whether you need our support on a short-term or long-term basis, our custom services guarantee top performance. We offer support and maintenance plans that account for expected and unexpected software issues across a range of devices.

Software Performance Optimization

Performance Optimization is key in having an efficiently functional system/application and is done by constant monitoring and analyzing the performance of a system/application and identifying ways to improve it.

The following levels are included:

  • Design Level
  • Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Source code level
  • Build level

Applications/systems are a mixture of server-side and client-side code. You may have performance problems on either side and both need to be optimized. After a thorough analysis, we’ll undertake specific measures without extra expensive services.

Preventative Maintenance Services

Preventive maintenance involves maintaining accurate records of every inspection and servicing, as well as knowing the lifespan of each part to understand the replacement frequency. These records can help maintenance technicians diagnose problems when they occur.

Preventive maintenance software helps collect and organize this information so it is readily available to maintenance technicians. Our Preventative Maintenance services take a step further through onsite maintenance of your IT environment. We provide full peace of mind and security for your business operations.

System/Storage & Backup Health-checks

Due to complexity and size, it is easy for your business/storage/backup systems to suffer from misconfigured settings, insecurities, instability, and troublesome errors.

That’s where our Healthchecks can help. By proactively and comprehensively reviewing your system configuration and processes our professionals can optimize speed, update your documentation, prepare for planned growth, and increase reliability. We can also identify problems and ensure long-term performance at the same time. A preventive maintenance schedule prevents all equipment failure before it occurs. It saves time, reduces costs, and keeps an operation running efficiently and productively.

24/7 Enterprise Software Support

Our 24/7 Enterprise Software Support includes responsive onsite, remote dialup, telephone and email support options as well as end-to-end maintenance, management, and support solutions for current model and end of line operating system versions and releases.

Remote troubleshooting capabilities may be delivered via online communication or without human assistance through automated means that reside on the customer’s device or are available on the Web. Our key highlights are performance, service delivery, maximum uptime, resource optimization, global 24/7 support.