Mobile Apps

We can develop apps both for iPhone and Android devices. Following such principles as Scrum and Kanban Strimduo provides applications at time with the best quality. We create mobile applications that work and make a profit. Clear and streamlined production processes allow you to guarantee the right result: launching your project with the optimal cost, just in time, and the required quality.

Our solutions are convenient for further development, active promotion, and obtaining the maximum commercial effect from their use. We develop a project structure based on business intelligence, design interfaces, and create quality content. This allows you to quickly deploy the minimum working version of the project and, based on feedback, quickly achieve the first sales.


We implement the application in code. We write clean and stable code, integrate it with the customer’s technologies.


We test the service on different devices and guarantee the release of a quality product on time.


We support and improve the product based on feedback. Thousands of downloads and output to store tops.

Strimduo has the insights that enable our customers to prioritize the features that help in creating a successful user experience. We constantly collect actual feedback from customers to provide the most accurate view of which features and functionality trigger reviews in your market. This report serves as the roadmap to creating an app that drives positive engagement with your brand.

There are numerous approaches, technologies, and programing languages that can be used to build a mobile app. Each with its own strengths and shortcomings. Our team considers individual needs of every client, so your app will work perfectly for your target audience.